About this book

This book contains 194 pages on all my techniques that I use during my shoots as well as my complete Photoshop workflow step by step.

  • Hundreds of tips with detailed examples

  • Step-by-step Photoshop editing workflow

  • No secrets, no long texts. I go straight to the point.

How to create beautiful dog photos in natural settings

Learn at your own pace with this dog photography guide.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes, we ship this book worldwide. It usually takes 10 business days to receive your book, depending on your country.

  • How to access the resources?

    After your purchase, you will be able to access your dashboard on this site and select the course you wish to access.

  • How to get the online workshop in addition to the book?

    My online workshop takes place once a year and is conducted live as weekly webinars. Click on the "Dog Portrait Bundle" course to access the offer.

Table of contents

PART 1. Shooting techniques

- Equipment (cameras, lenses) - Settings for portrait and action shots (autofocus, exposure) - How to prepare for a photo shoot (energy and approach, choosing a location) - Dogs with owners, puppies and multiple dogs together - How to pose dogs (getting the dog's attention, expressions, poses, body language) - Composition (light, contrast, colors, framing, spaces, depth, angles, light and good timing) - Capturing dogs in motion (equipment, settings, techniques, postures, expressions, composition techniques) - How to create emotions (combinations, contrasts, choice of frames and specific poses, before and after)

Table of contents

PART 2. Post-processing

Importing photos - External editing - How to edit non-destructively - Introduction to Photoshop - Blending modes - Introduction to Camera Raw - Correcting simple and complex colorations - Editing different types of eyes - Creating a selection - Adding sharpness - Adding brightness effect in many ways - Shaping highlights, midtones and shadows - Modifying colors - Shading colors - Deleting elements - Dodge & Burn - Saving in high resolution and web resolution